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This blog was designed with you in mind – a place for you to share your thoughts about your favorite authors, your favorite books, your favorite characters, your favorite genres, etc……

My hope is that you will visit this blog often to post your thoughts and ask questions of other students about the stories they enjoy!


21 responses to “About Mrs. Lee’s Reading Blog

  1. whitney hicks

    Hey Mrs. Lee! Its Whitney. I loved your class!!!! The best book I read in your class was Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson…. it was the best book ever….

  2. Kieran Foster

    Hello Mrs. Lee. Hows It going. I just got my book for the summer reading list at the high school, and I just finished it! While I was there I also bought all the John Green Books and the Perks Of Being a Wallflower. The Book for freshman year (Sleeping Freshman Never Lie) was actually pretty good. It was very funny but not a very strong plot and characters. It reminded me of this TV show that used to be on Nickeledoen. But I’m reading the other ones all again and I really think you should introduce your students next year to John Green. He’s writing a new book thats supposed to be out next March and I can’t wait. I’ll try to post as much as a can


    • leesreading

      Thanks for posting!! Perks of Being a Wallflower is on my someday list. Last summer I read almost 20 professional books. This summer I’m reading for fun only! My son is a huge John Green fan too. He’s a film major and has been keeping an eye on news regarding movies based on his books. So what do you think…should a John Green book be a readaloud? If so, which one? You need a level of sophistication and maturity to really appreciate his books. Did you read Will Grayson? This spring I decided to let go of my preconceived notions and try Hunger Games simply because you recommended it and I need to listen to that. I LOVED it. I have Catching Fire and will start reading it this weekend. I’m taking my MOST SPECIAL Mockingjay book home to read next. I hope the movie does it justice. I’m open to other suggestions:)
      Mrs. Lee

    • leesreading

      Kieran – I finished Perks of Being a Wallflower. Did you know it’s being made into a movie? I’m beginning Will Grayson Will Grayson today. What are you reading???? – Mrs. Lee

      • I know I can’t wait for the trailer for it to come on youtube. Will Grayson, will grayson is amazing and I hope you enjoy it! And I definitely agree you need to have a lot of maturity to read his books, but if you have it, his books are the most amazing thing in the world. Sorry I haven’t written back in a while…I’ve been so busy lately. One of the best books I’ve read lately is Jane Eyre, and the Bell Jar. I absoultely loved the Bell Jar. It’s now in my top favorites of all time. I’m starting to read a lot of books that are in my Grandmother’s library now. It seems like a lot of new books are kind of….repetitive, same plots same characters and all sorts of cliches. So now I’m just going back to the classics. Kylee (my sister) is going into your class next semester, and I know shes going to love you as much as I do.

      • leesreading

        I met John Green a few weeks ago and we talked about the appropriateness of his books for the junior high age. He also talked about censorship. You can probably guess his stance on that issue! I miss hearing from you!!
        Mrs. Lee

  3. YOU GOT TO MEET JOHN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous right now he is my hero. I miss having time to talk. I am really sorry I’m really busy all the time. I’m in the library club at school and I love it!

  4. I am really excited…my driving test in on Wednesday for my permit. I can’t wait to drive. I just finished this really good book called under the dome by Stephen King. Have you ever read it?

  5. Thanks I appreciate it…I’ve been studying really hard all week, and it seems pretty easy!

  6. I did ace it…. I got a perfect and I love driving! I’d try http://www.scribd.com it works pretty well for me. I hope it works okay!

  7. Yes I did….and I saw the movie a few weeks ago…the movie was almost as good as the book…..I loved all the pictures in the book, not something you encounter too much any more!

  8. So how was your Christmas?

  9. I loved break…I spent all my time alternating between books and Seasons 1-3 of Supernatural…pretty sad, I’m so mad that school’s back in though. It’s so weird going back after 2 weeks off, but now I get to start up math club and library club again and we have an awesome conference tournament for scholastic bowl next weekend and I can’t wait for that!

  10. Kieran Foster

    I read that recently and I thought it was really good book. I loved it! How is Kylee doing in your class. She said you didn’t believe her reading log and we all started laughing! She reads even more than I do!

    • leesreading

      I DO believe her reading log and she read at least 5 books this week:) Your opinions and the example you set do influence her. I’d love to listen to a discussion between the two of you!

  11. The Best Book I have ever read was Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. (Mrs. Lee Knew I would say that) But it’s about these 3 teenagers, Vanessa, Tony, and Conner. Vanessa is “emo” and is obsessed with cutting. Tony is a “pill popper” and uses medicine to calm him down. And Conner failed at a suicide attempt, after being pressured too much by his parents to be perfect like his sister, Kendra. They are all sent to the same rehab center and they meet and drama and stuff goes on but it’s a really good book so you guys should read it!!

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